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Luis F. Aguirre

Researcher & Professor at the Center for Biodiversity and Genetics at Universidad Mayor de San Simon
Member, EcoHealth Alliance Global Conservation Program

Luis F. Aguirre

Dr. Luis F. Aguirre, together with M. Isabel Galarza, is co-coordinator for the Bolivian Bat Conservation Program of BIOTA (one of the four major programs at Centro de Estudios en Biologia Teorica y Aplicada, BIOTA).
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Raman Sukumar

Raman Sukumar

Raman Sukumar is a leading ecologist who has made significant contributions towards Asian elephant ecology and conservation, climate change and tropical forest ecology.

He is Professor and Chair at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was a former Chair of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group IUCN/Species Survival Commission (1997-2004).

Dr. Sukumar represents Indian wildlife scientists in a number of national and regional governmental committees. Among others he is a member of the National Tiger Conservation Authority of the Indian government, and the Karnataka State Wildlife Board. He has also served on the Indian Board for Wildlife (chaired by the Prime Minister of India), and the Project Elephant Steering Committee.

He is the author of three books on elephants, and over 75 scientific papers and articles in various fields of ecology.

In 2003, Professor Sukumar won the Whitley Gold Award for International Nature Conservation for his work with Asian elephants as a flagship for biodiversity conservation in the Nilgiri landscape of southern India. More recently, he received the 2006 International Cosmos Prize, a top award in ecology, for his academic achievements and efforts to implement conservation projects with a holistic approach.


Asian Elephant Conservation in India

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