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Alice Latinne

Research Scientist

Alice Latinne

As a research scientist at EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Alice Latinne aims at better understanding the dynamics of pathogens within and among wildlife populations, livestock, and humans, with a focus on projects in Asia.
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Jamison Pike

Jamison Pike

Jamison Pike is a consultant with EcoHealth Alliance.  Jamison's current research with EcoHealth Alliance examines how commodity futures and stock values react to events associated with emerging infectious disease.  She is also examining option value and optimal timing of policies to prevent and control emerging infectious diseases.

  • "At EcoHealth Alliance, we are analyzing the economic impacts of disease, particularly how to optimally allocate resources toward preventing and preparing for outbreaks. When the threat of a disease outbreak is imminent and potentially catastrophic, EcoHealth Alliance will have the knowledge to fully prepare individuals, businesses, and society as a whole to minimize economic damages." - Jamison Pike

Prior to completing her doctorate, Jamison was a senior economist with LECG in Houston and a manager with Arthur Andersen in Chicago, specializing in environmental damage assessment.  She worked for over ten years on numerous engagements related to property value diminution and natural resource damage complaints.  These engagements include utilizing both contingent valuation and hedonic pricing methodologies to assess impacts of negative externalities on property value, developing a water market model to estimate the price of ground water and constructing a natural resource damage estimate using benefits transfer analysis. 

Jamison received her Ph.D. in Economics in 2014 and her M.S. in Economics from the University of Wyoming in 1998 where her concentration was Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Her dissertation research examined the economics impacts of mitigation and adaptation policies to prevent and control emerging infectious disease outbreaks.


Economics of Emerging Infectious Diseases

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