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Tom Hughes

Malaysian Project Coordinator
PREDICT Program Coordinator

Tom Hughes

As Malaysian Project Coordinator at EcoHealth Alliance, Tom Hughes's responsibilities include setting up and running the Study of Zoonotic Infections among Persons Exposed to Wild Animals, a collaborative research project with Global Viral and the Malaysian Government, as well as being the PREDICT country coordinator for the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats program.
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EcoHealth Alliance Celebrates 'Wildlife Conservation Day' and the benefits to both human and animal health

December 4, 2012

In honor of Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4th, EcoHealth Alliance celebrates the amazing biodiversity of our planet while recognizing the immense and growing pressures faced by wild species that threaten their survival. The illegal wildlife trade, also called wildlife trafficking, is one major driver of biodiversity loss through the poaching and trade of wild species. In addition, it poses risks to animal and human health through the spread of disease, as well as threats to ecosystems through the introduction and establishment of invasive species.

EcoHealth Alliance strongly supports the need for increased global attention and action to curb wildlife trafficking, which represents a multi-billion dollar annual industry. EcoHealth Alliance also supports initiatives to end wildlife trafficking and its detrimental effects, highlighting the need for more proactive assessment of risks posed by the wildlife trade to generate science-based regulations and prevention and control measures around health and invasion risks, coupled with stronger enforcement and more severe penalties. 

Our organization's scientific research provides important information for the conservation community on the scale and impact of the illegal wildlife trade and the potential spread of disease to humans, domestic animals and wild species through the wildlife trade. EcoHealth Alliance works closely with government partners and intergovernmental organizations to translate our research into science-driven policy.

EcoHealth Alliance integrates innovative science-based solutions and partnerships that increase capacity to achieve two interrelated goals: protecting global health by preventing the outbreak of emerging diseases and safeguarding ecosystems by promoting conservation.

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