EcoHealth Alliance’s Young Professionals Council (YPC) is dedicated to raising awareness for the organization and its mission among young professionals. The Young Professionals Council aims to garner support for EcoHealth Alliance from a wide network of savvy, influential patrons through social outreach, special events, and lending the support of their own unique skills.

Young Professionals Council Leadership

  • Latha Swamy

  • Caroline Baratz

  • Caroline Barnes

  • Bonnie Bellacera

  • Brett Bishop

  • Anthony Caragiulo

  • Sweta Chakraborty

  • Regan Deming

  • Al Domeyko

  • Jennifer Dorland

  • Dominic Ebanks

  • Shari Familian

  • Allison Hanes

  • Nicole Kindred

  • Katie Klencheski

  • Hayley Lipsky

  • Valentine Lysikatos

  • Suzanne Macey

  • Hayley Martinez

  • Fazeela Mohammed

  • Katie Pierroz

  • Corey Scult

  • Elizabeth Sorrell

  • James Stewart-Meudt

  • Elizabeth Timmis