EcoHealthNet: Ebola 360

Event Date

June 13, 2017

EcoHealthNet Tuesday June 13th at 2:15pm.  Join us for an interactive discussion about the complexity of Ebola virus outbreak response and research.  Speakers from the CDC, NIH, ProMED, EcoHealth Alliance and Tufts University will discuss the challenges of responding to the West Africa outbreak, setting up field diagnostics, crisis communication, identifying the reservoir of Ebola, and Ebola’s impact on endangered wildlife.   Click here to join the live panel discussion.

Panelists:  Sarah Bennett, CDC Global Health Protection; Vincent Munster, NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories; Larry Madoff, ProMED Editor-in-Chief; Chris Whittier, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  Moderator:  Jonathan Epstein, Ecohealth Alliance.

To download Zoom, join the meeting (by clicking the link) and it will take roughly 60 seconds to download the platform automatically. 

You will automatically join with video/webcam capabilities on, but can turn off once in the meeting. Please turn on your audio connects when joining. Your microphone will be muted for the entirety of the webinar, but will be unmuted during Q&A sections. 

Raise hand feature: please use this when you have a question during the question section. You can submit your question via Chat, but you will be able to ask via webcam/audio to the panel when Q&A section begins.

Chat options: You can submit your question via the chat room. If you do not have audio connection, you can submit the question here and the moderator will submit the question to the panel.

When joining with video, please “raise hand” and send a chat message that you would like to show your video. You will then be added as a panelist to display video, so your webcam will be displayed in the classroom and to other participants.

If attending without video, please use “raise hand” and chat with a question.

If joining via phone (with no video), please submit your questions to

Ebola 360 layout: 

– Welcome & overview by Dr. Jon Epstein (EHA)

– Panel introduction: Dr. Chris Whittier (Tufts Veterinary School), Dr. Vincent Munster (NIH), CDR Sarah Bennett (US CDC), Dr. Larry Maddoff (ProMED)

– Q&A: Classroom Participants

– Q&A: Remote Participants