EcoHealth Alliance invited to UN Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance

At a special United Nations High Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance, EcoHealth Alliance program coordinator for health and policy, Catherine Machalaba presented a statement on the importance of collaboration, multi-disciplinary coordination and continued research on the topic of antimicrobial-resistant infections.
EcoHealth Alliance recognizes the strong connection between human and animal health, agriculture, environment, economies, and resilient societies. Through our work to predict and prevent emerging infectious diseases, including the rise of antimicrobial-resistant infections, we target the drivers of disease to address health threats at their source. We are currently analyzing hotspots for resistant infections based on human and animal antimicrobial use to help target enhanced risk-based surveillance for early detection and mitigation opportunities. Practices such as improved biosecurity, proper waste management and reporting on usage by class, purpose and volume demand a multi-sectoral, One Health approach, as many others in this room have articulated. We encourage country partners to engage veterinary and environmental sectors in national action plans and find synergies that reinforce overall strengthening of public health systems.
Toward this goal, we note our work with the World Bank on the forthcoming One Health Operational Framework, which provides practical One Health guidance for countries to help prevent, detect, respond and recover from disease threats. EcoHealth Alliance looks forward to continued collaboration and collective progress to protect global health security and promote achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
To learn more, download the concept note here!