Future Earth’s Top Ten Challenges for One Health

Much of the attention of public health and environmental efforts is focused on responding to and limiting impacts once they occur. A One Health approach has shown high utility in providing a more comprehensive understanding of the ecological and epidemiological dynamics that shape disease risks. In addition to directly informing disease prevention and control strategies, it can also help examine threats and opportunities on the horizons and broaden our technical, policy and wider societal capacity to proactively address them.

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Future Earth’s oneHEALTH Global Research Project conducts an annual horizon scan review of hot topics for One Health that will profoundly change the future of health on the planet. These are targeted at topics deemed to have serious potential implications for health, have been under-emphasized or are emerging issues, and can benefit from new thinking informed by a One Health perspective. Horizon scanning offers an exciting application for One Health to provide pathways for researchers and policy makers to better anticipate risks and mitigate negative outcomes for society and maximize progress toward sustainable development.