EcoHealth Alliance Adds Author and Career Coach Lisa Silvershein to Its Board of Directors

NEW YORK – October 31, 2018 – EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit working at the intersection of animal, environmental, and human health on a global scale, has added Lisa Silvershein to its Board of Directors. Silvershein’s election makes her the organization’s 29th board member.

Lisa Silvershein

Ms. Silvershein was the owner and founder of Ark Career Coaching and leveraged two decades of human resources experience to help people grow professionally. She’s excited to bring that passion to EcoHealth Alliance. Ms. Silvershein also serves as President and Treasurer of the Robert G. Gutenstein and Ellen S. Gutenstein Family Foundation which seeks to “make the world a better place by providing aid and support to organizations that impact and improve the lives of others.”

“EcoHealth Alliance’s mission of using cutting-edge science to shed light on the connections between human, animal, and environmental health and to protect all three is exactly what the Gutenstein Family Foundation looks for when it comes to causes to support,” Ms. Silvershein said. “And for me personally, I am excited to lend my business development expertise and help grow EcoHealth Alliance’s footprint both globally and locally.”

EcoHealth Alliance’s Board of Directors come from a diverse set of backgrounds.

“We’re delighted to welcome Ms. Silvershein to our Board,” EcoHealth Alliance President and Board Member Dr. Peter Daszak said. “Following in the footsteps of her father, Mr. Robert Gutenstein, she advances a legacy of philanthropic and personal advocacy for this organization. Mr. Gutenstein served 12 years on the EcoHealth Alliance Board of Directors and was a dedicated and passionate supporter of our work. With his passing, we sorely miss his guidance and greatly appreciate that Ms. Silvershein has decided to continue his legacy.”

Ms. Silvershein holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Dickinson College and a Master’s in Human Resources Management from Upsala College. She is the author of It’s Your Turn… Do What You Want to Do!, a guide for women returning to work.

About EcoHealth Alliance
Building on over 45 years of groundbreaking science, EcoHealth Alliance is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife, environmental, and public health from the emergence of disease. Approximately 60 percent of emerging infectious diseases like Ebola, HIV, Zika, SARS, MERS, and West Nile virus have all originated in animals before spilling over to human populations. Using environmental and health data covering the past 60 years, EcoHealth Alliance scientists created the first-ever global disease hotspots map that identified at-risk regions to determine where research and field work are needed to help predict and prevent the next pandemic crisis. That work is the foundation of EcoHealth Alliance’s rigorous, science-based approach working in nearly 30 countries worldwide. EcoHealth Alliance’s strength is founded on innovations in research, training, global partnerships, capacity building, and policy initiatives.
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