EcoHealth Represented at 7th World One Health Congress

EcoHealth Alliance was well represented at this year’s 7th World One Health Congress (WOHC) in Singapore, showcasing work from projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and more.

The Congress brought together multidisciplinary experts in the field focusing on “Integrating Science, Policy, and Clinical Practice: A #OneHealth Imperative Post-Covid-19”.

Dr. Catherine Machalaba, Principal Scientist of Health and Policy, opened a panel discussion on Global Financing and the One Health Agenda

Hongying Li, Senior Program Coordinator and Research Scientist, presented on Human Behavior Strategies to Migrate Zoonotic Spillover Risk.

Su Yadana, EID-SEARCH Research Scientist, met with Dr. Ye Tun Win, Director-General of the Livestock, Breeding, and Veterinary Department of Myanmar and EID-SEARCH partner, to explore the sights of Singapore. Yadana’s talk explored “Biological-Behavioral Surveillance of Emerging Diseases among a Dynamic Cohort in Thailand” emphasizing the need for smart surveillance of common interfaces of animal-human contact, and greater epidemiological studies to understand the behavioral component of zoonotic risk factors.

Urias Goll, Esq. , Deputy Chief of Party for the Liberia Conservation Works activity introduced the activity and a One Health Approach to Protected and Conserved Areas in Liberia.

The Congress was organized by:



and the SingHealth Duke NUS Global Health Institute

It will reconvene in 2024, hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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About EcoHealth Alliance:

EcoHealth Alliance is an international environmental health nonprofit dedicated to protecting wildlife and the public from emerging infectious diseases. We work with governments, scientists, and policymakers around the world to make critical changes for pandemic prediction and prevention. Our dedicated scientists conduct field research and develop tools to safeguard the health of the planet, people, and wildlife.

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