EcoHealth Alliance Statement Regarding April 4, 2024 Announcement by the House Energy & Commerce Committee

April 4, 2024 – EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) can confirm that Dr. Peter Daszak, EHA President & CEO, will testify voluntarily before the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic (SSCP) of the U. S. House of Representatives on May 1, 2024. Dr. Daszak’s public testimony follows on a voluntarily transcribed interview he provided to the SSCP late last year. 

The Energy & Commerce Committee’s announcement about this hearing continues to misrepresent the work of EcoHealth Alliance and makes several inaccurate allegations about Dr. Daszak’s previous public statements. Dr. Daszak looks forward to answering the Committee’s questions, clarifying the areas of misunderstanding, and informing them about the vital research that EcoHealth Alliance conducts globally.

EcoHealth Alliance’s mission is to conduct research on emerging disease threats to the US, identify the underlying causes of pandemics, develop solutions to prevent them, and benefit conservation. The public nature of our work and our long-standing collaborations with Chinese scientists made us a target for speculation about the origins of COVID-19, beginning in early 2020 and continuing to this day. EcoHealth Alliance’s work is a matter of public record, via dozens of grant reports, scientific publications, media interviews and public lectures given before, during and after the emergence of COVID-19. EcoHealth Alliance scientists have worked in partnership with US Federal Agencies since the early 2000s to identify emerging disease threats in hotspots around the world before they migrate to the United States. EcoHealth Alliance’s research thus has direct benefits for the health of the American people, strengthens national security, and enhances sustainable economic growth in our allies around the world.

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