EcoHealth Alliance’s Board of Directors sets the strategic direction, ensures the financial health and sustainability of the organization, and hires and evaluates the performance of the president. EcoHealth Alliance’s Board of Directors provides specific expertise relevant to their personal and professional backgrounds to help the organization enhance its ability to conduct research, advance science, and protect human, animal and ecosystems health.

Board of Directors

  • Ellen Shedlarz

  • Oliver Engert

    Vice Chair
  • Nancye Green

    Vice Chair
  • Robert Hoguet

  • Ann B. Moore

  • Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy

    Honorary Chair
  • Dr. Peter Daszak

  • David Amburgey

  • Dr. Amy Attas

  • Dr. Frederick Baum

  • Gerard B. Caddick

  • Dr. Rita Colwell

  • Dr. Marianne De Backer

  • Margery Fischbein

  • Holly Hegener

  • Dr. James Hughes

  • Peter S. Kaufman

  • Bob Kuperman

  • Margaret Loeb

  • Joel Maizel

  • David McIntyre

  • Lori Michelin

  • Mark O’Donnell

  • Sheila Patel

  • Dr. Samuel Stebbins

  • Lucy C. Stitzer

  • Pamela Thye

  • Carlota Vollhardt