April 1, 2019

Internships at EcoHealth Alliance

An internship is an excellent opportunity to interact with scientists and program staff at EcoHealth Alliance, gain exposure to a wide range of conservation science and public health issues, and take ownership of a “real world” One Health project. We accept interns for mentored projects on our policy, development, management, technology, and science teams.

In addition to our unpaid, office-based internships throughout the year, EcoHealth Alliance is part of EcoHealth Net, which offers Research Exchanges from April – August. Please visit the EcoHealth Net page for details on the application and project availability.





Who is eligible? We typically offer internships to current undergraduate, graduate, veterinary, and medical students, or people with appropriate experience and a desire to work in nonprofit fundraising and administration. We offer internships to recent graduates and other suitable candidates.


How long is an internship? A typical internship ranges from three weeks – for up to six months. Internships can be full-time or part-time. Part-time internships with local students are often coordinated to fit with course schedules, usually dedicating one or two days a week.


Where are internships located? Most internships are located at EHA’s headquarters in New York City. We are rarely able to offer internships at our field sites, and typically do not provide on-site veterinary experiences like shadowing, or clinical rotations.


Are interns compensated? Most internships are unpaid. We encourage, and will assist applicants applying for stipends through their school departments, career centers, or other grant-issuing institutions.


Do interns receive course credit? We typically do not offer course credit. Many of our scientists, however, are adjunct faculty at various universities, and occasionally students can arrange to receive independent study research credit. We frequently have students use their EHA internship for their theses projects or Master’s level practicums.


How to Apply:

To apply, please see the form above. 


Past EHA Interns:


Sarah Baum worked with our policy team, advised by Catherine Machalaba and Dr. William Karesh analyzing cost-effectiveness and evaluation of One Health approaches. She was able to present the findings at the 2016 Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in San Francisco as part of their planetary health section and publish this research this past November in the journal, One Health.


Helen Chen coupled a summer internship with our Modeling team with her Senior Thesis project at Columbia University. Advised by Dr. Olival, Helen updated our avian virus database, performed statistical analyses, and wrote a thesis entitled “The Relationships Between Host Life-History Traits and Viral Richness in Birds.” You can see her final project poster here.


Henry Peterson interned with our development team under Anthony Ramos to design and implement our social media, and digital outreach strategy. He created new marketing materials in collaboration with Jenni Cheers for several of EcoHealth Alliance’s outreach and fundraising campaigns, in addition to consolidating the organization’s diffuse media assets.


Kirsten Wiens interned with our Modeling Team advised by Dr. Latinne and Dr. Olival while completing her PhD in Microbiology at New York University. Working with GenBank flavivirus sequences, she constructed phylogenies based on important genes and codons to test their role in zoonotic potential. This work contributed to a presentation at the International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance.


Thank you for your interest in EcoHealth Alliance!