EcoHealth Alliance has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. Our IRS Determination Letter can be downloaded here. We welcome your review of EcoHealth Alliance’s annual report for fiscal year 2020 as well as our 2021 Audited Financials. You can download our Form 990 here

Our Mission

EcoHealth Alliance leads cutting-edge scientific research into the critical connections between human and wildlife health and delicate ecosystems. With this science, we develop solutions that prevent pandemics and promote conservation.

Our Strategy

EcoHealth Alliance has once again put into motion a three-year strategic plan for its current fiscal year 2018 through 2020. Our plan challenges us to add depth to our global programs to improve planetary health for the public good by uniquely integrating health research and conservation. In the last three years, EcoHealth Alliance continues to expand in reputation and influence. We have made critical scientific breakthroughs, including the first predictive maps of emerging disease ‘hotspots’ and ‘missing zoonoses’; identifying the origins of SARS and MERS coronaviruses; understanding the link between deforestation, economics, and disease emergence; and characterizing the size of the global ‘virome’ that threatens human health. This coincides with a U.S. governmental–and international–focus on pandemic prevention in an era of Ebola, Zika, and increasing global connectivity. As a result, our budget has has grown exponentially and, in turn, so too has our staff and our scientific and media outreach. EcoHealth Alliance is currently positioned as the leading organization working at the intersection of environmental conservation and human health, with strong ties to international and U.S. government partners.

EcoHealth Alliance’s current strategic plan outlines how we can achieve continued, sustainable financial growth, and increase impact by focusing on our messaging, programs, and our fundraising. It builds upon our forward momentum, identifying opportunities for–and challenges to–continued growth, as well as our strategic response to those factors.

Our Programmatic Goals

EcoHealth Alliance’s programmatic focus on pandemic prevention is one of our major strengths. However, what elevates us over other organizations involved in global health issues is that we conduct programs around the world that help prevent pandemics, but also benefit conservation. During FY18-20, we will maintain the momentum and growth of our programs with a strategic focus on the following aspects of our work.

  • Pandemic prevention: We will maintain our global leadership by continuing to advance the science of understanding what causes diseases to emerge, designing better ways to track their origins, and designing pandemic prevention strategies based on good science.
  • Policy and Health: Our policy work is focused on influencing national and global policy on pandemic prevention, sustainable development, and conservation. We will continue to co-design policy initiatives in the U.S. and globally which promote the linkages between health and the environment and target pandemic prevention through sustainability.
  • Conservation: Our focus is to leverage our leadership in pandemic prevention to help protect species from extinction. We do this by focusing on two major issues that lead to disease emergence and by tackling these, we prevent pandemics and benefit the environment:

Tackling deforestation: Assessing the economic cost of emerging diseases linked to deforestation and using this to convince policymakers, consumers, and industry to develop more sustainable approaches to land-use change.


Tackling wildlife trade: Tracking the risk of disease emergence from the wildlife trade and the incentives that drive this trade so that we can encourage alternative solutions and reduce species loss, ethical implications, and disease risk.

Our Vision for the Future

EcoHealth Alliance and its scientists are working toward a world without pandemics and the health of every living thing on the planet: humans, animals and the environment.

Help us to make that world a reality for future generations.