Anna Willoughby

Research Assistant

“Interdisciplinary collaboration is key to solving the complex and rising global challenges of infectious disease. I am excited to be a part of EcoHealth’s integrated team to support human, wildlife, and ecosystem health.”

Scientists Bio

As a research assistant, Anna Willoughby uses her foundation as an ecologist and anthropologist to address disease emergence, maintenance, and spread. Her research is motivated by an interest in human pathways that escalate disease exposure and burden.

Anna works on EcoHealth’s Modeling and Analytics team to synthesize ecological, behavioral, and health data. Her projects address population dynamics and environmental limitations on disease spread. Predominantly, she is involved with the USAID-funded PREDICT program.

Anna developed a passion for wildlife conservation and research after studying at the Organization of Tropical Studies’ field programs in South Africa and Costa Rica. Graduating with distinction from Duke University, Anna focused her studies on the evolutionary drivers of disease.