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Anne Laudisoit


Dr. Anne Laudisoit

Senior Scientist, PREDICT Country Liaison

"It only takes will and the right shoes to follow your dreams."

Scientists Bio

Dr. Anne Laudisoit is an eco-epidemiologist and wildlife biologist who, through her interest in the interface between human, animal, and environmental health, became a One Health disease ecologist. She is currently monitoring reverse spillover and occupational risk associated with COVID-19 for COVIPENDIUM, a living paper tracking COVID-19, the virus that causes it, and its spread and control. The paper is updated weekly with new information.

Dr. Laudisoit holds a joint Ph. D from the University of Antwerp and Liège working on plague epidemiology in Tanzania.

Dr. Laudisoit has spent extensive time in Africa; she has spent the last several years in the Democratic Republic of Congo studying neglected tropical diseases like onchocerciasis-associated epilepsy, emerging zoonotic diseases like monkeypox, Rickettsia, and Bartonella, and teaching at the University of Kisangani. She now works with EcoHealth Alliance on the PREDICT program, aiming to predict future viral epidemics globally.