Ava Sullivan

Project Manager and Research Scientist

The ‘alliance’ in EcoHealth Alliance refers not only to the connection between human, animal, and environmental health. The ‘alliance’ refers also to the global network of experts working across sectors on solutions to health and conservation challenges. Disasters such as pandemics, extinction events, storms, and droughts are complex events which require systems thinking and dynamic problem solving. Using a One Health approach, we are able to tear down silos between disciplines, and begin to ask the right questions regarding how to move forward.

Scientists Bio

As Project Manager and Research Scientist, Ava Sullivan works on a variety of dynamic One Health projects. In her role, Ava uses her expertise in project management and implementation to facilitate successful global collaborations.

Ava provides an interdisciplinary perspective, leveraging her undergraduate background in Visual Arts and Biology to develop interventions and communicate science. Ava is pursuing an MPH in Global Environmental Health with a specialization in Disaster Management at Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Ava has worked at Tulane to develop their Emergency Preparedness and Response systems, using tools of environmental health and pandemic preparedness to create robust plans for future disasters.