Dr. Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio

Associate Vice President for Conservation and Health

"Being part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes veterinarians, mathematicians, ecologists and economists has broadened my perspective on how science can be applied to have a real impact in the world. At EcoHealth Alliance, we make use of all the available tools in epidemiology, ecology, evolutionary biology to try to answer questions as thoroughly as possible. By emphasizing and applying science, our work has a global impact on the decision-making of local governments."

Scientists Bio

Associate Vice President for Conservation and Health Dr. Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio is part of EcoHealth Alliance's modeling team, where he combines quantitative methods, spatial data and fieldwork to investigate the emergence of infectious diseases. Carlos is interested in ecological niche modeling and applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for biodiversity research and conservation.  As a native of Bolivia, Zambrana-Torrelio's long-term goal is to contribute to the development of high quality scientific research in Bolivia through his work at EcoHealth Alliance.

As a Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program Fellow, he earned his MSc degree from the University of Puerto Rico.  His research identified the determinants of species richness patterns, particularly species with a restricted range size often called endemic species.  His work highlighted the effects of contemporary and historical factors that might be controlling the patterns of species diversity.