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Dr. Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio

Vice President for Conservation and Health

"Being part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes veterinarians, mathematicians, ecologists and economists has broadened my perspective on how science can be applied to have a real impact in the world. At EcoHealth Alliance, we make use of all the available tools in epidemiology, ecology, evolutionary biology to try to answer questions as thoroughly as possible. By emphasizing and applying science, our work has a global impact on the decision-making of local governments."

Scientists Bio

Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio is the Associated Vice President for Conservation and Health at EcoHealth Alliance. Dr. Zambrana-Torrelio works on the intersection between animal and human health. He is particularly interested in how biological diversity, from viruses to ecosystems, respond to anthropogenic gradients (e.g. the transition from city to forest). Carlos combines quantitative methods from different fields including biodiversity, economics and spatial analysis on his research.

Originally from Bolivia, Carlos' long-term plan is to contribute to the development of high quality scientific research in Latin America. Dr. Zambrana-Torrelio holds a PhD from Sapienza Università di Roma on Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, as well as degrees in Biology and Ecology from Universidad Mayor de San Andres in Bolivia and the University of Puerto Rico.