Dr. Ana Filipa Palmeirim


"Habitat change is one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss worldwide. Yet, while some species are particularly vulnerable to extinction, others might take the opportunity to proliferate. The extent to which such compositional changes in biodiversity affect ecosystem functions and the services they provide to humanity are less well-known. Such understanding is critical if we are to not only conserve biodiversity but also human health.”

Scientists Bio

Dr. Ana Filipa Palmeirim integrates her background on ecology and conservation in her role as a Senior Scientist and Program Coordinator on the Conservation and Health team led by Dr Paula Prist at EcoHealth Alliance. Her research has been focused on the complex biodiversity responses to human-induced disturbances across tropical forests. Currently, Dr. Palmeirim is interested in understanding how such disturbances affect biodiversity and the health-related ecosystem services it provides.

Dr. Palmeirim received her PhD in Ecology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2017. After a short post-doc at the same institution, Dr. Palmeirim moved to China, where she joined the Southern University of Technology. She was then granted with an individual Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship at the University of East Anglia, in the UK. Most recently, she was a postdoctoral researcher within the ERA Chair Tropibio project at the Research Centre of Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, in Portugal.