Anne Laudisoit


Dr. Anne Laudisoit

Senior Scientist, PREDICT Country Liaison

"It only takes will and the right shoes to follow your dreams."

Scientists Bio

Anne Laudisoit is an eco-epidemiologist (joint PhD between ULg-UAnvers) working for EcoHealth Alliance (New York). Her research interests focus on mammalian hosts of emerging zoonotic pathogens, vector-borne and neglected diseases mainly in remote areas of Africa (plague, Monkeypox, epilepsy-associated onchocerciasis) living or camping with local populations. She has 17 years of expertise in research (funded by VLIR, Wellcome Trust, USAID, CERVA, ERC, DTRA), off-the-beaten-path field expeditions (wildlife inventories, epidemic investigations) and training/teaching assignments (KEMRI-CDC Kenya, IPCI Institute Pasteur de Côte d’Ivoire, LNRB Brazzaville, SUA Morogoro Tanzania, UNIKIS Kisangani in DRCongo, Garamba National Park, DRCongo).

She is currently conducting One Health and veterinary capacity assessments in various African countries. She has received a National Geographic grant for her work on isolated chimpanzees in eastern DRCongo, and is working with members of civil society to develop a community conservation project. She is currently developing pilot coral nurseries named “Linda bahari” and coral restoration projects on Zanzibar, Tanzania with local divers to address ocean degradation impact on coastal communities health. She keeps mentoring MsC and phD students and lecturing in DRCongo, where she initiated EID and biodiversity studies (encouraging remote observation, camera trapping, and non-invasive sampling), in the context of forest erosion (logging and bushmeat).