Dr. Debapriyo “Debo” Chakraborty

Senior Research Scientist

"The recent global upsurge is emerging novel viruses is a complex problem. It is complex not just because it involves so many factors - both biological and social - but also because those factors behave very differently at local and regional levels. Addressing these aspects of global health requires that people with different skills work together. At Ecohealth Alliance, I have found my niche as a disease ecologist, which is always successfully complemented by highly skilled and passionate professionals from other fields of science. We all share the same love and awe for natural diversity and our passion to conserve that diversity for generations to come."

Scientists Bio

An ecologist and primatologist, Debo Chakraborty is a Senior Research Scientist at EcoHealth Alliance. He investigates the role of host ecology on pathogen emergence. His research has significant implications for 1) mitigating the risk of animal pathogen spillover to humans and 2) deterring large-scale outbreaks of local pathogens. He is currently working for the PREDICT program in India where he conducts field work within a matrix of human-modified landscapes.

Dr. Chakraborty pursued his doctoral studies on two species of macaques in India. He studied the role of primate ecology on their genes using molecular markers. Later, he conducted research on wild mammal species in India’s Anamalai Tiger Reserve, and identified the effects of habitat modification on their gastrointestinal parasite distribution. As a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Chakraborty studied the ecology of nonhuman primates – one of the major hosts of medically important pathogens – to assess the role of host captivity on pathogen ecology. He has also investigated the effect of host species loss on the spread of vector-born pathogens employing theoretical models.