Dr. Ernest Guevarra

Research Data Scientist, Modeling and Analytics

"The sum of my experiences to date has afforded me insights and skills to contribute toward health for all in its truest sense. At EcoHealth Alliance, I work toward this common goal alongside remarkable colleagues with diverse and complementary expertise."

Scientists Bio

Dr. Ernest Guevarra is Research Data Scientist for Modelling and Analytics at EcoHealth Alliance. In his current role, Dr. Guevarra produces analytics that inform policies related to the COVID-19 response.

A medical doctor and public health specialist, Dr. Guevarra has 20 years of professional experience working across twenty countries in Africa and South and Southeast Asia on community-based programming in maternal and child health and nutrition for UN organizations, international NGOs, and national governments. Dr. Guevarra has expertise in designing and conducting national health and nutrition surveys, spatial epidemiology, and program evaluation.

He is founding member of Katilingban, a collective of public health and nutrition experts and practitioners, where he leads the analytics and software development program. He designs, develops, and maintains open-source software for implementation of health and nutrition spatial sampling surveys (RapidSurveys) and nutrition analytics (Nutriverse).

Dr. Guevarra complements his computational and global health work with teaching. He holds a Teaching Fellowship at Oxford University in the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health. He also teaches a module on community based management of acute malnutrition programs and coverage at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Guevarra earned his medical degree from the University of the Philippines and a Master’s of Public Health from Harvard University with a Certificate in Humanitarian Studies, also from Harvard.