Senior Fellow

Dr. Evan Eskew


“Because infectious diseases can be transmitted from wildlife to people, human health is intimately linked to environmental health, and many conservation problems double as public health problems. I believe our work at EcoHealth Alliance is valuable because we acknowledge and appreciate these connections. We seek to understand the complex linkages between human and wildlife communities, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes for both.”

Senior Fellow Bio

Dr. Evan Eskew is broadly interested in disease ecology and conservation. He explores these fields through field, lab, and computational work. Trained as an ecologist, Evan is a Research Scientist on the modeling team at EcoHealth Alliance. He uses quantitative analyses to understand patterns of infectious disease emergence, the processes that drive them, and the pathogens that cause them.

Evan earned his BS in Biology from Davidson College and his PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. His dissertation research focused on the amphibian disease chytridiomycosis, which has caused devastating biodiversity loss worldwide. Specifically, Evan investigated the genetic responses of different amphibian hosts following exposure to the pathogen responsible for chytridiomycosis. As part of previous research on reptile and amphibian ecology, Evan has studied organisms ranging from diamondback terrapins in the coastal marshes of South Carolina to poison dart frogs in the tropical forests of Costa Rica.