Dr. Jim Desmond

Field Veterinarian

“By protecting wildlife and wild places, we not only protect human public health, but also preserve the Earth’s natural heritage for future generations.”

Scientists Bio

Dr. Jim Desmond is a consulting veterinarian with EcoHealth Alliance. Dr. Desmond’s primary role is to conduct disease surveillance in wildlife populations to better understand the transmission risks associated with different species and interfaces.  Through this work, Dr. Desmond has investigated the wildlife trade industry on a local level from central Africa to southern China as it one of the most important interfaces between humans and wildlife.

Dr. Desmond has a strong interest in animal welfare and conservation and when not working for EcoHealth Alliance, he provides consulting services to a number of other organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, Jane Goodall Institute, Veterinarians without Borders, Pan African Sanctuary Alliance and several individual member sanctuaries, and Smithsonian Institution.  He currently lives in East Africa with his wife and dog and they routinely care for a number of wild animals through one of the many wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organizations with which they collaborate.

The intersection between human, animal and environmental health is growing in importance as the general public is beginning to recognize that a disease outbreak in one part of the world may quickly have an impact globally.  By trying to understand, and mitigate, the wildlife trade industry, Dr. Desmond hopes to protect human health and keep wildlife where they belong  – in the wild.