Dr. Nathan Layman

Research Scientist

“Science is a collaborative effort. The best work is done when we come together to share ideas and knowledge.”

Scientists Bio

Dr. Nathan Layman is a Research Scientist at EcoHealth Alliance with extensive experience in evolutionary biology and disease ecology. He earned bachelor’s degrees in both environmental studies and biology from the University of Washington where he fell in love with science and was fortunate enough to work on evaluating the use of algae as a source of biofuel and reconstructing the drivers of sympatric speciation in monkeyflowers. After gaining some field experience working for the Forest Service and the USDA, Dr. Layman earned a Ph.D. in biology focusing on Plant Mating System Evolution from Washington State University.

Dr. Layman’s interests are centered around the interface of ecology, data science and public health. He has worked on several research projects, ranging from reconstructing post glacial range expansion in flowering plants to forecasting Lassa Fever risk in West Africa.

Most recently, Dr. Layman has been involved with projects evaluating the feasibility and stability of transmissible vaccines in rodent disease vectors, utilizing machine vision algorithms for disease vector surveillance and on increasing the accuracy of early day epidemic forecasting when case reporting is scare. Dr. Layman holds a strong belief in the power of interdisciplinary research and collaboration to tackle complex problems and is passionate about applying a One Health perspective to reduce the burden of emerging zoonotic disease on both human and animal populations.