Dr. Yasha Feferholtz


“As an environmental economist, I don’t assume markets work perfectly and know that there are a lot of failures in the market. Perhaps the most important failure is that many prices do not include the value of nature. We need to think in terms of value for humans, animals, and for the environment—what are the best options to increase that value?”

Scientists Bio

Dr. Yasha Feferholtz is an economist at EcoHealth Alliance studying the economic consequences of emerging infectious diseases and human health. Yasha supports the organization’s mission to prevent pandemics and adapt to changing factors during an outbreak. Using empirical data and mathematical models, Yasha explores how environmental conservation and sustainable economic development can dovetail to improve human, animal and environmental health and wellbeing.

Yasha received a Fulbright scholarship to study his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Wyoming. He specializes in environmental and behavioral economics. His thesis explored the value of ecosystem services from forests and behavioral issues in environmental economics.