Emma Mendelsohn

Senior Data Scientist

"Unprecedented global environmental change presents unique challenges in the protection of human and ecological health. At EcoHealth Alliance, I am thrilled to be part of a multidisciplinary team working to develop cutting-edge tools to inform effective, science-based decision making at the local to global scale."

Scientists Bio

Emma Mendelsohn is a Senior Data Scientist specializing in applied statistical modeling to characterize emerging infectious disease dynamics. Her work focuses on the complex and ever-evolving interplay between humans, agriculture, and the environment to understand disease spillover and spread, and to optimize risk reduction interventions. During her tenure at EcoHealth Alliance, Emma has been the data lead on projects related to human and veterinary disease forecasting, human behavioral survey design and analysis, antimicrobial resistance emergence, and non-communicable disease risk. Emma’s project work is grounded in reproducible design and management principles to yield data tools that advance open science and collaboration.

Before joining EcoHealth Alliance, Emma was an environmental health science and risk assessment consultant, providing data engineering and statistical modeling support to industry and government clients. She holds a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University and a Bachelor’s in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University.