Erica Johnson

Research Scientist

“Understanding the drivers of pathogen distributions is essential to identify high-risk areas and develop cost-effective surveillance programs. By collaborating on research in a trans-disciplinary fashion we are able to come up with more integrative and comprehensive solutions enabling improved policy making.”

Scientists Bio

As part of the Modeling and Analytics team, Erica Johnson applies her expertise on spatial analysis and niche modeling techniques to identify spatial patterns in disease distribution and risk.

Currently, as part of IDEEAL, she is examining the linkages between land-use change patterns and the burden of infectious disease due to altered transmission pathways. She is also identifying high-risk areas for disease transmission of various diseases such as Ebola and MERS, through species distribution modeling approaches.

Erica received her B.Sc. from Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela, and proceeded to work in environmental conservation. She has previously been involved in projects that examine the causes of deforestation of the Amazon and its effects on indigenous communities as well as the IUCN Red Lists of Ecosystems.