Hongying Li

Senior Program Coordinator and Research Scientist

"Human activities impacting on the environment also drive disease emergence, which means behavior change of our human beings is the main solution to prevent disease and protect our planet. I am glad to be part of the team at EcoHealth Alliance to fulfill the mission."

Scientists Bio

Hongying Li is the senior program coordinator and a research scientist at EcoHealth Alliance. She coordinates programs in China and Southeast Asia on emerging infectious disease (EID) surveillance and preparedness, to support on-the-ground zoonotic disease surveillance in human and animal populations to identify the risk of viral spillover. These efforts aim to establish an international collaborative network with strengthened in-country research capacity, as an early warning system, to prevent disease emergence in these EID hotspots.

Originally from southwest China, Hongying developed her interest in community-based work via many grassroots conservation and public health projects. Her ongoing research is to understand the zoonotic spillover risk of human-animal interaction among the at-risk communities in China and Southeast Asia, and to develop risk mitigation strategies. She is also active in conservation to bring the public health aspect into relevant program and policy development. Hongying holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Emory University and a Bachelor Degree in Biosciences from Sun Yat-sen University.