Hongying Li

China Programs Coordinator

“We are losing species every day, we are faced with many health risks from contacting wildlife, but most people aren’t aware of it even with solid evidence from scientific research. Focusing on advocacy and communication, we are able to translate scientific findings into understandable language to the public and policy-makers, and eventually bring changes in policy and human’s behaviors. It’s my pleasure to be one of the members to help protect public health and wildlife.”

Scientists Bio

Hongying Li, China Programs Coordinator at EcoHealth Alliance, combines her expertise in conservation and public health to communicate EcoHealth Alliance’s science on the health implications of the wildlife trade to stakeholders. She aims to bring positive changes in human’s behavior and policy in order to stop the illegal wildlife trade and prevent pandemics.

Hongying’s overall efforts involve building network with stakeholders, designing and implementing educational and outreach projects, as well as assisting the management of key projects, with special preference to China and Southeast Asia.

Hongying is currently communicating with many NGOs and government departments in China to develop content-based advocacy strategies and educational projects to protect public health and stop illegal wildlife by leveraging the health implications of wildlife trade. Her academic training and previous experience at UNESCO and CARE in human development afford her a strong appreciation of working and communicating with different groups of people to find new solutions for sustainable social and ecosystem development.