Hongying Li

Senior Program Coordinator and Senior Research Scientist

"Anthropogenic activities altering our natural environment also play a pivotal role in driving the emergence of diseases. Therefore, behavioral changes among us stand as the primary solution to preventing diseases and safeguarding our planet. I’m glad to be part of the team at EcoHealth Alliance, dedicated to fulfilling this mission."

Scientists Bio

Hongying Li is a senior program manager and senior research scientist at EcoHealth Alliance. She has an interdisciplinary background in conservation, public health, and social science, with experience working with communities, academic, and governmental partners in Southeast Asia and China for emerging zoonotic disease research and zoonotic risk mitigation. In her current position, Hongying manages emerging zoonotic disease research projects to identify zoonotic risks for early warning strategies, and develops programs with human behavioral and policy approaches to mitigate zoonotic spillover risks at human-wildlife interfaces. Her work aims to help foster collaborations and establish networks for emerging infectious disease research, preparedness, and response across multiple sectors and disciplines. Hongying obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biosciences, a master’s degree in Public Health, and a Ph.D. in Science, Social Care, and Education.