Lev Kolinski

Research Assistant

"As the human-wildlife interface continues to expand through anthropogenic habitat destruction, a One Health framework is essential to understanding how to prevent and prepare for future pandemics. I am thrilled to support EcoHealth Alliance’s team of multidisciplinary scientists working to improve global health outcomes."

Scientists Bio

Lev works as a Research Project Assistant for EcoHealth Alliance’s “What’s the Fever” zoonotic disease research initiative in Liberia. Drawing on his background in scientific research and nonprofit operations, Lev supports the project with data curation and analysis, laboratory and sampling organization, and grant administration. He is passionate about building local capacity and sustainable research leadership, and he enjoys working with collaborators in Liberia and the United States to answer One Health questions with a mixed-methods approach.

Lev holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied Anthropology, Biology, and Spanish. With his background in anthropology, Lev has over four years of experience studying nonhuman primate socioendocrinology, most recently serving as the Endocrinology Laboratory Manager at a wild white-faced capuchin field site in Costa Rica. Outside of the lab, Lev has previously conducted original conservation research in Uganda to investigate human-wildlife interactions and co-founded a nonprofit to promote ongoing human-wildlife conflict mitigation efforts around Kibale National Park.