Madeline Salino

Science and Outreach Administrative Assistant

"Developing truly effective solutions to global problems such as disease emergence and ecosystem destruction requires transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration. I am excited to work with EcoHealth Alliance in their efforts to leverage a One Health approach to prevent pandemics and advance environmental preservation!"

Scientists Bio

As EcoHealth Alliance’s Science and Outreach administrative assistant, Madeline Salino supports the Vice President for Science and Outreach, as well as the various projects within the Science and Outreach program. Focuses of those projects include researching emerging infectious diseases in South and Southeast Asia and developing international networks of One Health practitioners.

Madeline holds bachelor’s degrees from William & Mary in environmental science and policy, with a concentration in policy, and history. Prior to joining EcoHealth Alliance, she worked in fields including environmental education, environmental communications, and grant writing and consulting. Madeline’s strong interests in environmental justice, international environmental policy, and ecology led her to her work at EcoHealth Alliance, and she looks forward to contributing to projects that improve public health through transnational partnerships and interdisciplinary research.