Patrick Dawson


Dr. Patrick Dawson

Research Scientist

"Epidemiology plays a central role in preventing, identifying, and responding to emerging viral threats. Multi-sectoral collaborations need to be cultivated and sustained before the next viral pandemic, not after."

Scientists Bio

Dr. Patrick Dawson is a Research Scientist and Country Liaison for the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threat Program’s PREDICT project. At EcoHealth Alliance, Patrick helps manage PREDICT activities in Egypt and Jordan and conducts fieldwork and epidemiologic research on emerging infectious diseases at the nexus of human activity, livestock, and wildlife.

Over the past 6 years, Patrick has gained experience in epidemiologic research and practice on infectious diseases such as avian influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and tuberculosis. He has worked with a variety of academic, government, and non-governmental institutions, including universities, ministries of health and agriculture, WHO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Department of Defense, Department of State, USAID, and CDC. Some of his work on MERS has been presented to CDC’s Emergency Operations Center and the White House.

Prior to joining EcoHealth Alliance, Patrick was a Regional Epidemiologist for CDC’s Global Disease Detection Program in Cairo, Egypt, a joint program between CDC and NAMRU-3. Patrick coordinated a severe acute respiratory infection surveillance network operating in 7 countries across the Middle East and helped lead several human-animal-vector surveillance projects. During his graduate studies, Patrick was selected into the prestigious Epi Scholars Program at the New York City Department of Health, where he conducted research on tuberculosis transmission using geospatial technologies, molecular epidemiology, and surveillance data. His work was published in a top-tier journal and presented at the agency’s Epidemiology Grand Rounds. He also worked for Columbia’s Department of Epidemiology researching injury epidemiology and gender and racial disparities in health.

Patrick earned a BA in Biological Sciences at Northwestern University where he was inducted into the DERU Honors Society and both a Master of Public Health (MPH) and PhD in Epidemiology at Columbia University where he received the William Farr Award in Epidemiology. His research has been published in high-quality journals such as American Journal of Public Health and Journal of Trauma and presented at international conferences from San Francisco to Hyderabad.