Robert Young

Senior Research Software Engineer

Being a software engineer at EcoHealth Alliance gives me the opportunity to work on many projects that each have different requirements and technology stacks. I really enjoy this range of work, but the technology is only part of what I like about working at EcoHealth Alliance. More important is the mission and the people. We have a great team and It feels wonderful to know that the work I do helps them to improve our global environment and to protect us from pandemic threats.

Scientists Bio

Robert Young is infrastructure lead on the REPEL project and develops software and infrastructure for the WAB-NET project at EcoHealth Alliance.

Prior to joining EcoHealth Alliance, Young has worked in a wide range of research domains. From developing neural networks for projects funded by the Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs and by the CTI-II telescope project, to software and infrastructure development for two different Howard Hughes Medical Institute Neuroscience labs. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a second major in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.