Samantha Maher

Research Assistant

"As a research assistant for the Conservation and Health team, I spend most of my time exploring and quantifying the links between human health and the environment. But its not just about collecting knowledge: it's about creating tools that make this information clear and readily usable for those charged with making the decisions that directly affect both human and environmental well-being. It's great to work with a team of scientists that are so dedicated to sharing their research so that it can really count."

Scientists Bio

Samantha Maher brings her experience working everywhere from Latin America to Africa to EcoHealth Alliance’s conservation work. In her role, Maher helps to spread EcoHealth Alliance’s One Health conservation message, as well as assisting with the Global Virome Project, which seeks to identify and study nearly all of the world’s unknown viruses.

Maher has a Master’s in Environmental Science from Yale University and a Bachelor’s in Geography and the Environment from the University of Texas. She was worked with several NGOs to spread sustainable messages to audiences both in the United States and internationally.