Shannon Ball

Research Scientist and Epidemiologist

"Having spent the first part of my career responding to two pandemics – HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 – I am excited to be making the switch from pandemic response to prevention as part of EcoHealth Alliance’s incredible team of multidisciplinary, international collaborators.”

Scientists Bio

Shannon works as a Research Scientist and Epidemiologist at EcoHealth Alliance, focusing on better understanding human behavior and exposure to animals in areas at high risk for zoonotic disease spillover. In collaboration with local partners, she aims to use this research to develop effective interventions for preventing future disease spillover and spread.

She has a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tufts University and prior research experience in fields including air pollution, water and sanitation, and infection control. Before joining EcoHealth Alliance, Shannon spent four years as an Epidemiologist at the Maryland Department of Health, initially working in HIV program monitoring and evaluation. She later transitioned to the Emerging Infections Program where she worked on COVID-19 response efforts, including producing data reports for state leadership, researching vaccine effectiveness, and investigating and responding to COVID-19 outbreaks.