Siyeun Kim

“Historically, wildlife conservation and public health have been treated as separate topics, but growing evidence of the health impacts caused by environmental degradation shows that a collaborative and multisectoral approach is needed for successful public health interventions. With EcoHealth Alliance, I am excited to take part in mitigating One Health challenges caused by global modifications to the ecosystem and human-animal interaction, all while promoting conservation."

Scientists Bio

Siyeun Kim is a research scientist at EcoHealth Alliance. She is part of the EID-SEARCH team to foster a collaborative partnership across Southeast Asian countries. Her current focus is to understand and raise awareness of the zoonotic disease emergence risk among humans and animals. Through this work, she hopes to identify scalable and sustainable measures to tackle health and conservation issues.

She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Conservation from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology with certifications in global health and environmental studies from University of Wisconsin – Madison.