Sonia Dattaray

Research Assistant

"Changing environments are intrinsically related to human well-being and conservation efforts. I'm excited to work with the amazing group of people at EcoHealth Alliance to better understand the impacts of land-use change on humans and wildlife, and ultimately protect health and biodiversity."

Scientists Bio

A former EcoHealth Alliance intern, Sonia Dattaray now serves in a full-time capacity working to understand the impacts of land-use change, both on wild animals and humans as well. Dattaray brings her public health expertise to the IDEEAL team, connecting land-use change from urbanization, increased industrial agriculture, and deforestation to outbreaks of zoonotic disease.

Dattaray has previously worked with several environmental NGOs. She holds a Master of Public Health from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences & Biology from Emory University.