Tara Hoda

Senior Program Manager

"Our scientists are conducting important research at the intersection of health and the environment, but the value of this research is not fully realized unless it is used to tackle pressing global issues like biodiversity loss, deforestation and poverty. EcoHealth Alliance is unique in that we have the expertise and ability to both conduct robust research and translate this science into program design and implementation to make the world a better place."

Scientists Bio

Tara Hoda is the senior program manager for EcoHealth Alliance’s Conservation Works (CW) activity. CW aims to improve protected and conserved area establishment and management, and to promote conservation-compatible economic growth in Liberia through a One Health approach.

With an academic background in neuroscience, Tara has conducted research in substance use and torture-induced trauma. During college, she became fascinated by the immense similarities between great apes and humans and worked at various primate sanctuaries in Africa and Asia. Since then, she has been working as a wildlife conservation practitioner, with a focus on combating the illegal bushmeat trade in West Africa. She uses her interdisciplinary experience in public health, conservation, program management, implementation, research and partnership development in her current role under CW. Tara is pursuing a Master of Environmental Science from Yale School of the Environment.